Northeast MountainView Advisory Council (NMAC)

Public Comments on Draft EPA Five-Year Review Report on Cleanup at MEW & Moffett Field

(Aug 05, 2004) U.S. EPA Region 9 requested public comments on the Draft Five-Year Review Report evaluating cleanup activities and results at the Middlefield-Ellis-Whisman (MEW) Area in Mountain View. (This report also covers Moffett Field, since contamination at both sites is commingled.) All public comments received by EPA are listed below in alphabetical order with links to the complete documents. Many thanks to EPA for providing them. Where possible, we have blanked out email addresses to prevent spammers from harvesting them.

Comments generally praised EPA's work in preparing an excellent report, but did suggest some changes to the report. Beneath the title for each comment document is a brief summary list of its major and/or significant suggestions. These summaries attempt to be objective but were not provided by parties who submitted the comments. For completeness and accuracy, read the linked comment documents themselves.

Many comments agree on certain issues, but there are also significant disagreements. To inform the affected community, help clarify or resolve disagreements, and provide a forum for community input on the cleanup issues, there will be a public forum and debate at the NMAC meeting on Wed August 18. The forum will include a briefing, panel, and community participation. For details on the forum, see MEW-Moffett Cleanup Issues Forum.